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LOOKnLIKE presents: the bad and the beautiful in concert

November 9th - 40€

After their amazing surprise try-out at our LOOKnLIKE-store in October, Ronn Moss and Fabrizio Muto will be back with their band "The Bad and The Beautiful" for a full concert on November 9th.

Get your tickets by shopping in our store or order them online.

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We invite on a discovery through our extensive online collection. With the help of our filters, you can find the item that fits your personality.

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Get really "in touch" with our furniture and decoration. Feel it's comfort and quality in our LOOKnLIKE store in Hever (B). One of our staffmembers can guide you trough all possibilies and variations.

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Get inspired by our collection in your own time. We will receive you in our store or come and visit you whenever it suits you - whether it's late in the evening or early in the morning. That way you get all of our attention. We help you find what you're looking for, without any stress.

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