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The bad & the beautiful in concert

On Friday Nov. 9th @ LOOKnLIKE - 40€

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Ronn Moss started his career as singer and bass player in the band "Player". In 1978 they scored a massive hit with the song "Baby come back". After this Ronn started building his career as an actor. He's most famous for his role as Ridge Forrester in "The Bold and the Beautiful", which he played for 25 years.

However, music always had a special spot in his heart. In 2000 and 2008 he released his solo albums "I'm your man" and "Uncovered". And now Ronn Moss is back on the road!

In Belgium he met drummer/percussionist Fabricio Muto. Their love for great Rock songs and "Harley-Davidson" created an immediate bond between them. Together with some incredible musicians, they decided to tour as "The bad and the beautiful".

Their surprise "try-out" at the LOOKnLIKE-store in Hever (Belgium) in october made the audience ask for more...

... so more is what you get!

Enjoy a compelling set of original Ronn Moss songs and covers of his all-time favorite rock songs!

Tickets are available online for 40€, or you can receive tickets with your purchase of interior items at our LOOKnLIKE store.

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